infinite essence Classes

Are you looking for something new and refreshing to get your fitness into gear? Check out a few of our infinite essence classes offered below :

Core Align

​The CORE ALIGN Equipment class is a 30 minute workout which dramatically increases core stength, stability & balance. Exercises are mentally challenging but very do-able. The class is very beneficial to those with back issues & muscular problems as the session promotes deep stretching & improves mobility. Bookings are preferred. 

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​MAXFIT is a mixed martial arts (MMA) inspired class that is achievable for all levels of fitness. Kick shields, focus pads & boxing gloves are supplied and options are available for those with injuries or need modifications. Please bring a towel & water & be prepared to sweat. 


Pilates is a gentle workout using a variety of props such as Pilates Rings, Therabands, blocks or balls. The exercises are designed to strengthen and tone your body & improve mobility.  It is perfect for those with back problems,  joint issues & arthritis. Discover how wonderful your body feels after just one session. Your body heals & recovers quicker when everything is lenghtened & aligned.

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Balance Yoga

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates fusion

BALANCE YOGA is Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates fusion class with a dedicated relaxation phase.  Class speed is more upbeat than a traditional yoga / pilates class so you will work up a light sweat in the first phase. The second half of the class is more relaxed & focuses on deep stretching. Be prepared to leave feeling calm & balanced.