I have prolapsed discs-will Pilates help? 

The Pilates method is recommended to increase core strength in order to help manage your pain. You will find in time,  you will be more mobile and you will experience less pain. Please allow around 2-3 months of consistent treatment to achieve maximum results.

I’m pregnant…can I still participate?
Of course you can. Pilates is a beautiful workout for pregnant ladies. It will help alleviate back & sciatica pain throughout your pregnancy and help your body bounce back into shape quicker after the birth.

I have trouble kneeling…can I still participate in mat classes?
Yes, there are plenty of options offered. Your instructor will offer you an alternative if you find a particular exercise difficult.

I’m really unfit/ inflexible and scared that I won’t be able to keep up….
You don’t have to be fit or flexible to do pilates. Everybody works at their own pace and plenty of alternatives are offered. Everybody else will be too busy concentrating on their own workout to worry about what anyone else is doing.

Is there a cancellation policy?

I am completely committed to providing you with results and understand that your desire to improve is of paramount importance; therefore I have a very strict cancellation policy. This policy will help to keep you committed and protects my operating times.

The cancellation policy is as follows:

  • A No-show or cancellation within 12 hours before your session will incur a $25 payment.

  • A Cancellation outside of 12 hours will incur no fee. I will do my best to allocate you to an alternative time slot.* *Obviously in exceptional circumstances these fees may be waivered.

What is I need a tax receipt / invoices?

I am happy to provide tax receipts, just simply let me know. Please phone me on : 0413 872 757 or
Email your request to: Email

I'm in a health fund, can I use it?

INFINITE ESSENCE PILATES is a registered NIB provider.